Our Values

These are the core values that our PCC adopted in mid 2014. This is a statement of who we want to be and how we want to do church together, with God's help!

Christ Centred

We will ensure that Jesus is at the centre of everything that goes on. We will encourage each other to grow more like Him, to love Him more and follow Him more obediently, and seek to ask Him about everything we do.


Our top priority is sharing the good news of Jesus with a world that is hungry for hope, love, peace and joy, and let that priority determine everything else that we do or decide not to do.

Spirit Filled

We will seek the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit in everything that we do, and learn together to use the spiritual gifts so that we live, minister and share the good news in the strength which God supplies.

Bible Based

We will make sure that everything we do, everything we sing, everything we teach or preach, and every change we make is grounded in God’s written word.


We will share our lives with each other, not just a pew on a Sunday. We will look for opportunities to celebrate, and commiserate with each other, and share food, fun and friendship.


We will welcome people of all ages by providing something relevant to them and opportunities to get to know and to share with people of different generations.


We will treat everyone the same, regardless of who they are, from the richest to the poorest, from the youngest to the eldest, and from the newest member to the longest standing.


We will encourage every person to fulfil their God-given potential and to discover and use their talents and gifts for the good of others and to bring God glory.


We will remember that everything we have, including God’s love, comes to us as a gift of grace, and so in response we will generously share every good thing we have received with others.


We will build relationships which are deep and satisfying, where we are known and know other people. We will appreciate one another’s strengths, bear one another’s burdens and share our weaknesses with each other. We will ensure that at least one other person knows our struggles.


We will ensure that everyone is made to feel loved and accepted, wherever they are from, whatever they’ve done, whatever they are going through. Each person is precious to God and so welcome to join us as we worship Him.